Bridging Gaps in Education and Product Development

Being science-based educators and medical professionals, we approach the world of sleep, cannabinoids and terpenes very differently from others. We have a thorough knowledge of the published medical research on cannabinoids, terpenes and their relation to sleep and other important related health areas. This is a key “ingredient” in the development and formulation of all our products.

One of our core missions is to provide products that are formulated to quickly promote sleep, increase the duration of sleep and improve the overall quality of sleep. Remarkably, research shows us that often, sleep disturbances are a complex manifestation of problems in other areas of life. Poor sleep can be a direct response to systemic pain, localized neuropathy, heightened anxiety, digestive disorders or in the case of sleep apnea, excessive weight.

A person presenting sleep or related lifestyle problems, requires products that can go much further in helping them achieve their health and lifestyle goals. Pairing an effective sleep product with a product designed to address potential underlying issues is often critical. Our scientific knowledge of cannabinoids and terpenes combined with our experience in the positive effects that optimally formulated and dosed products can have, motivated us to develop a wide range of innovative products that meet these unique health and lifestyle challenges.

Additionally, we understand the intense need for evidence-based information and products. Consumers and medical professionals alike have been exposed to radical and somewhat outrageous marketing verbiage that has been regurgitated into the market by brand companies working in cannabis. While we do provide education in clinical settings, doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals, as well as with the general public through the internet, and through important sponsorships with organizations like the Grammy Awards, our efforts to ward off and replace disinformation with the true science of cannabis do not cease there.

We have created the industry’s first comprehensive Hemp Specialist Program.  These courses will be offered through certification specialty programs like the American Medical Certification Association and through various specialty organizations such as State Pharmacy Boards. 

In our self-paced learning program, From Seed to Cell: The True Science of Cannabis, learners will join into a multi-module lesson by first exploring the complexity and importance of the endocannabinoid system. We look at cannabis and its various species, and begin to probe the clinically supported theories of the “entourage effect” bringing a strong focus to the phenolic compounds of the plant- taking students far beyond the interrelationships of the major and minor cannabinoids (although there is a great amount of information you will learn about the cannabinoid families). Evidenced based and published medical research surrounding cannabis is your guide as we help you uncover how hemp supports health during a comprehensive review of eleven health threats and for the remainder of your lessons as you learn how to apply your training. This course is designed to transform a complete cannabis novice into a specialist in as little time as 15 minutes a day!