About Us

One World Live (OWL) 

Mission Statement: 

As one of the nation’s premier online CBD and Terpene retailers, OWL is focused on functional health and lifestyle categories that help people better their lives in Sleep, Anxiety, Weight Management, Cognitive Health, etc. OWL’s goal is to educate our customers on the health and wellness benefits of all of our products and to find the best solution to keep everyone living a healthy lifestyle. 

OWL offers the highest quality cannabinoid and terpene products, using the most rigorous standards of manufacturing and quality assurance. OWL products utilize hemp that is grown, processed and manufactured in the USA in licensed facilities with top line cGMP protocols in place. 

About Us:

The head of our product development team has created thousands of formulas for some of the most recognized companies in the world. We are forward-looking, always staying out in front of the latest breakthroughs in CBD research and market trends.

Being science-based educators and medical professionals, we approach the world of cannabinoids and terpenes differently from others. Every single product we formulate is based on a thorough knowledge of the medical studies that have been published on cannabinoids and terpenes as they relate to sleep and related lifestyle and health issues.

While one of our main missions is to provide you with products that are formulated to help you fall asleep quickly, remain asleep longer and to improve the overall quality of your sleep – our products go far deeper in helping our customers achieve their health and lifestyle goals.

For many, issues with sleep are a complex manifestation of problems in other areas of life. Poor sleep can be directly linked to systemic muscle pain, localized neuropathy, heightened anxiety, digestive disorders or sleep apnea which causes some to become overweight. Creating a sleep product to pair with a product designed to address potential underlying issues is critical, and exactly what we’ve done.